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What Thought Leaders Are Saying About Jay Conrad Levinson's Final Guerrilla Marketing Book Featuring Sohail Khan.

"This book will help any entrepreneur, especially start-ups, go from zero to hero - it's like David partnering with Goliath and both of them winning!"

Kevin Harrington - CEO of As Seen On TV and star of ABC's Shark Tank.

"This is quite simply the breakthrough book for business owners—of all sizes—in all areas. All business success in the years ahead will be determined by your ability to enter into more and better joint ventures."

Brian Tracy - New York Times Best Selling Author of “The Psychology of Selling”

"If we had read Jay and Sohail’s book Guerrilla Marketing and Joint Ventures years ago, our track record would be almost perfect. Their advice can help you, too—because today you can’t do everything by yourself.”

Ken Blanchard - Co-author of New York Times Bestseller "The One Minute Manager"

About the Bestselling Authors

Separately and now together, Jay Conrad Levinson and Sohail Khan have published nearly 58 business books and sold over 20 MILLION copies!

Jay Conrad Levinson was the author of the best-selling marketing series in history, “Guerrilla Marketing”, plus 57 other business books.

His books have sold 20 million copies worldwide. And his guerrilla concepts have influenced marketing so much that his books appear in 60 languages and are required reading in MBA programs worldwide. Jay passed away in Oct 2013 completing this final Guerrilla titled book.

Sohail Khan is the world’s premier 'Joint Venture Business Expert' and creator of the ‘Million Dollar Partnering System’.

A sought after Business Growth Speaker, Author and Marketing Consultant, Sohail works with Corporates, SME’s and Educational establishments worldwide.

Jay Levinson

Sohail Khan